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So much more than just a physical, our comprehensive examinations are extensive and thorough regardless of whether the visit is related to an injury or  illness, or just a typical annual vaccination update. We extend the same courtesy and concern for your pets as we would our own!

Veterinary Care

Where we care for your pets!

Our Facility

Physical Therapy

Our Rehabilitation Center!


In addition to our large treatment area, we separately house a sterile, high-tech, 2-tabled surgical suite!

This renders us easily  capable of  performing a wide array of extensive surgical and anesthetic procedures, including (but not limited to):

·Dental Cleaning & Extraction

·Spay, Neuter & Vasectomy

·Mass Removals of all Types

·Exploratory Surgery

·Cruciate Ligament Repair

·Femoral Hip Osteotomy

·Patellar Luxation Repair


·Biopsies & Diagnostics

·Foreign Body Removal

·Ear Hematoma Repair

·Sedated Ear/Nasal Flushes

·3rd Eyelid Tacking

·Ocular Enucleation

Surgical Procedures

Dental Procedures

With our high-tech digital radiography, ultrasound and laboratory equipment, we can provide precise, swift and effective diagnoses same day. In addition to our in-house capabilities, we are also privy to a vast network of outside laboratories rendering us able to arrange for the most accurate assessments and treatment.


Digital Radiography

Ultrasound Imaging

Having such a conscientious and loving staff means you can rest assured knowing  your pets will be well-cared for while you’re away! We house our feline visitors in specially-made condos away from the dogs; who have options between roomy runs and comfy kennels, as well as a large, green fenced-in yard to run off leash! We are happy to accept requests & accommodations to best help your pet to feel like they’re at-home.


For those needing a little extra, we also offer additional boarding services:

·Veterinary Services

·Comfort Massages

·Gym Sessions



·Ear Cleaning

·Nail Trims

·And More!!


Home away from home!


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