Terri J. Alexander, D.V.M.

Hello! I’m Dr. Alexander, the proud owner and dedicated veterinarian at Santa Barbara Animal Hospital. My journey in veterinary medicine began in the Kansas City area, where I grew up with a deep love for animals. I pursued my passion at Kansas State University, earning my bachelor’s degree in biology followed by a doctorate in veterinary medicine in 1994. After completing vet school, I embarked on a new adventure and relocated to the sunny shores of Southwest Florida.

I am certified and experienced in performing PennHIP procedures, allowing me to offer advanced orthopedic care to our patients. Beyond the clinic, my love for animals extends to Labradors, a breed that has truly captured my heart. I have been involved in breeding, training, and competing with these incredible dogs in activities such as retriever training for hunt tests, field trials, agility courses, and dock diving competitions. Those hands-on experiences enriched my understanding of canine behavior and training, enhancing my practice and the care I provide.

When I’m not at the hospital, I cherish time with my husband, Dave, and our wonderful pack of Labradors. Our home is always lively and joyful, thanks to our furry companions. In my free time, I enjoy catching Kansas State and Kansas City Chiefs games, supporting my alma mater and hometown team whenever I can. My journey from Kansas City to Southwest Florida has been fueled by a lifelong passion for veterinary medicine and animal welfare. I look forward to meeting you and your pets, and I am committed to ensuring their health and happiness.

Ashley: Manager

Hello! I’m Ashley, the dedicated manager at Santa Barbara Animal Hospital, where I’ve had the pleasure of working for the past five years. My passion for animal care and strong leadership skills help ensure the hospital runs smoothly. At home, I’m a busy parent to four children and the proud owner of five French bulldogs.

Balancing family and career, I strive to exemplify dedication and efficiency. Under my leadership, we’ve seen significant improvements in client satisfaction and team morale. Known for my approachable demeanor and strategic thinking, I continuously enhance my skills to stay at the forefront of the field, making me a valuable asset to our veterinary team.

Brenna: Inventory Manager

Hey, I’m Brenna! My knack for multitasking and dedication to client service have made me a crucial member of our hospital team! I’ve been in the veterinary field since 2005, so I bring a wealth of knowledge and organizational skills to our day-to-day operations.

You might notice my Massachusetts accent—I’m proud to call it home! Beyond my work here, my love for animals led me to become a puppy-raiser for Dogs Inc.. I raise service dogs during their crucial first year, providing them with training and structure before they move on to more intensive training and eventually find their forever families in need.

At home, I share my space with my two Labs, Teegan and Pearl, who bring so much joy and love into my life with their playful antics and loyal companionship. I also enjoy the company of “Cricket” my African Grey Parrot and “Angel” my Cockatoo, whose personalities add a special charm to our home.

Paula: Receptionist

Hey there, I’m Paula, the Head Receptionist at Santa Barbara Animal Hospital! I’ve been working in the vet field since 2020 and have been part of the SBAH team since January 2022. My love for animals started at a young age—I grew up with a sweet Maltipom who was my best friend.

Nowadays, I’m a proud mom to Elio, my beloved 1-year-old cat who occasionally likes to explore the clinic with me. It’s such a joy having him around!

In addition to my work, I’m currently a senior at FGCU, with plans to further my education in law. I’m fluent in both English and Spanish, which helps me connect with our diverse community of pet owners. When I’m not at the clinic or studying, you can find me enjoying the beautiful SWFL beaches or spending time with my family and friends! 🙂

Eddy: Technician

Hi, I’m Eddy! I’ve been a Veterinary Technician for 13 years, and for nearly the last two, I’ve been a proud member of the team at Santa Barbara Animal Hospital. My passion for providing kind and compassionate medical care to animals led me to earn my Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine and Husbandry from the Agrarian University of Havana in 2019. 

At home, I share my life with a happy turtle named Marihita, who adds a special joy to my daily routine. My love for animals drives everything I do, and I am dedicated to ensuring the well-being of every pet that comes through our doors at Santa Barbara Animal Hospital.

Christian: Technician

Hi, I’m Christian, a Certified Veterinary Assistant and Lead Technician at Santa Barbara Animal Hospital. I earned my certifications from Cape Coral Technical College and Penn Foster College, and I bring two years of experience from the Surgery and ICU departments at BluePearl Emergency and Specialist. I love using my knowledge and compassion to ensure every pet receives the best care possible.

When I’m not at work, you can find me at the gym, playing basketball, or hanging out with my awesome dog, Maya, a 3-year-old Pit Bull/Hound mix. Being her parent has taught me valuable lessons about patience, love, and the immense joy animals bring into our lives.

Grethell: Technician

Hello, I’m Grethell, a passionate Veterinary Assistant at Santa Barbara Animal Hospital. I have a background in animal care and a certification from Cape Coral Technical College, which equips me with both the knowledge and dedication needed for this role. I love bringing my expertise and compassion to our team, ensuring every pet receives the best possible care.

At home, my two cherished cats, Tucker and Tahlua, bring me immense joy and continually inspire my commitment to animal welfare. Caring for them reinforces my dedication to my work, driving me to provide the highest level of care to all the animals we treat at the hospital.

 Arthur: Rehab Assistant

Hi, I’m Arthur! I’ve been a Veterinary Assistant at Santa Barbara Animal Hospital for almost two years now. I earned my Veterinary Assistant certification from Cape Coral Technical College, and my love for animals drives everything I do here. Working with pets every day is a dream come true, and I’m committed to providing the best care possible.

At home, I have three wonderful cats named Mac, Miles, and Mando who keep me entertained and grounded. In addition to my regular duties, I also focus on rehabilitation, helping pets recover and thrive after injuries or surgeries. Seeing them regain their strength and happiness is incredibly rewarding and reinforces my dedication to this field.

       Peyton: Assistant

Hi, I’m Peyton! I’ve been part of the Santa Barbara Animal Hospital family for three months, and I absolutely love caring for animals and their pet parents. I grew up on Pine Island and earned my Veterinary Assistant Certification from Mariner High School. My background also includes being on the varsity cheer team, which has taught me the importance of teamwork and enthusiasm. At home, my two energetic huskies keep me on my toes and inspire my dedication to animal health.

Every moment spent helping animals and ensuring they receive the best care possible is rewarding for me. I bring a sense of humor and compassion to my work, striving to make each visit positive for both pets and their owners. My passion for providing top-notch care to our furry friends drives me every day, and I’m thrilled to be part of such a dedicated team.

        Allisin: Kennel Assistant

Hi, I’m Allisin! I’ve been working as a Kennel Technician at Santa Barbara Animal Hospital for almost a year, and it has been an incredibly fulfilling experience. I earned my Veterinary Assistant certification from Mariner High School, where my passion for animal care truly blossomed. At home, I have three Persian cats named Penny, Poppy, and Miss Piggy, who fill my life with joy and keep me on my toes. Growing up in a huge family of 13, I’ve always been surrounded by love and chaos, which has taught me patience and adaptability—qualities that are essential in my work with animals. Outside of work, I’ve spent most of my life playing softball, a sport that has instilled in me the values of teamwork, dedication, and perseverance. These experiences have seamlessly translated into my role at the hospital, where I strive to provide the best care for every pet that comes through our doors.

Juan: Kennel Assistant

Hi, I’m Juan! I’ve been a kennel technician at Santa Barbara Animal Hospital for over a year now, gaining a lot of hands-on experience along the way. My job involves making sure our animal guests are comfortable and well-cared for, whether they’re here for a short stay or longer.

My love for animals runs deep, and it shows at home too. I have five dogs and one cat, which definitely keeps things interesting. They bring a lot of fun and energy into my life, and taking care of them has taught me a lot about animal behavior and care. This helps me do my best for all the pets I look after at the hospital.

Julian: Kennel Assistant

Salutations! I’m Julian, a passionate kennel assistant committed to ensuring your dog’s needs are met with care and attention. Although I have less than a year of experience and am still in high school, working at Santa Barbara Animal Hospital has been an incredible learning opportunity. My supportive coworkers have made it easy for me to grow and thrive in this professional environment, helping me develop valuable skills in animal care.

At home, my love for animals is evident in my five dogs, but it’s my cat Luna who holds a special place in my heart. Her companionship means the world to me, and she has taught me a lot about the joys and responsibilities of pet ownership. This personal experience fuels my dedication to providing the best care possible for the animals at the hospital, making each day a rewarding experience 🙂

Nero: The Heart of Santa Barbara Animal Hospital.

At just three years old, Nero has already captured the hearts of everyone at Santa Barbara Animal Hospital. His story began when he was adopted from a local shelter by the compassionate Dr. Alexander. Since that fateful day, Nero has flourished in his new home, quickly becoming an integral part of the hospital family.

Nero is a treat enthusiast with an impressive knack for knowing exactly where his goodies are kept. He often playfully bats at any of the staff as we walk by the back desk, his subtle way of reminding us that it’s time for a snack. His persistence never goes unnoticed, and he’s always rewarded with a little treat and a lot of laughter.

Attention is Nero’s lifeblood. He loves being the center of everyone’s universe, soaking up every bit of affection he can get. Whether it’s a scratch behind the ears or a gentle pet, Nero revels in the love showered receptionistsbah@gmail.com upon him by the hospital staff and visitors alike. His sociable and friendly nature makes everyone feel welcome and at ease the moment they walk through the door.

When he’s not busy entertaining the staff or munching on treats, Nero can often be found lounging in his favorite sunny spot by the window, the top of his cat tree, or on any of the high top chairs in the clinic.. He has truly mastered the art of relaxation, frequently curling up in a cozy ball and purring contentedly as he naps.

Nero’s presence at Santa Barbara Animal Hospital brings immense joy and warmth to everyone around him. His playful nature, combined with his loving personality, has made him an irreplaceable part of the hospital family. Nero has truly found his forever home, where he is cherished by all. Come visit Nero and experience the love and joy he brings to Santa Barbara Animal Hospital.