Terri J. Alexander, D.V.M.

Dr. Alexander graduated from Kansas State University in 1986 with a bachelor’s degree in Biology. She graduated from the veterinary program at K State in 1994. As soon as she graduated from vet school, she moved from the Kansas City area, where she grew up, to Florida. She has a special interest in orthopedic surgeries and is PennHIP certified. Over the years she has enjoyed training dogs for various venues, including agility, dock jumping, and her latest passion, retriever training for hunt tests and field trials. She also serves on the board for the Animal ER of SWFL and she serves as a veterinary consultant for Helping Paws Animal Sanctuary, a local non-profit animal shelter.

Justin A. Kerr, D.V.M.

Dr. Kerr is originally from Huntsville, AL. He grew up in Sarasota and received a bachelor's in Biology from the University of Central Florida. His veterinary coursework was performed at Ross University and clinical training at North Carolina State University. Prior to his veterinary training, he worked in the field of human physical therapy, rehabilitation, and sports medicine. Dr. Kerr’s specific areas of expertise include weight management, chronic orthopedic and painful conditions, surgery and anesthesia, and dentistry. His hobbies include weight lifting, martial arts, horticulture, and spending time with his five furry children: "Rampage" the Chinese Crested, "Worm" the Coconut Retriever, and "Balou", "Pearl", and "Prada" his wonderful Pitbull terriers. He recently purchased a home in the North Cape and looks forward to becoming a part of this great community.

Ashley V: Practice Manager

Ashley has been in the veterinary field since 2001, having started as a kennel technician and rigorously working her way up through the years to where she is now; our respected and admired practice manager!! Leading by example, Ashley is quick to lend a hand or ear to all and has a genuine knack for what she does. Her role is of paramount importance, and her genuine passion and ability to care for the people and creatures around her makes her the perfect person for the job. She has 4 wonderful human-children, as well her kitty “Hampton,” and 2 French bulldogs “Moose & Minnie Mouse” that can often be spotted “working” in her office! Ashley looks forward to meeting you and your fur babies!!

Jamie: Physical Therapist

SBAH was Jamie’s very first animal hospital, as she joined our team shortly after our beautiful facility was actually built! Following her husband’s Marine Corps enlistment, Jamie moved to Baltimore and spent those years specializing her veterinary education in the field of physical therapy, and started her first rehab center. In addition to majoring in biology at FSU, she studied veterinary rehabilitation therapy, receiving practitioner training under University of Tennessee programs; as well as many specialized certifications in laser therapy, hydrotherapy, canine massage & more. Jamie now owns a home in the North Cape and is ecstatic to be able to bring all her knowledge and skills back home where it all started! Jamie has a bit of an odd critter-pack at home, which includes “Kuno,” a German Shepherd, “Roxii,” a min pin,” her cats “Maisie & Marko,” Scarlette O’Parrot the African Grey, and a pet rat (or 3) with a guaranteed pun in their name!

Marilee: Senior Technician

Marilee is one of our top Senior technicians here at Santa Barbara and an integral member to our healthcare team! Having over 10 years of experience in the Field, Marilee is well versed in the more complicated aspects of veterinary medicine and assists in advanced surgical procedures as well as heading dental procedures. Firmly trusted by our doctors, Marilee is a vital member of Santa Barbara Animal hospital, and we are so happy to call her one of our own! Also fluent in Spanish, she has been or tremendous value in helping us to effectively care for the 4-legged family members of our Spanish-speaking community! She has 2 beautiful, smiling baby girls at home, and 3 loving pitties!

Miguel: Senior Technician

Where would we be without Miguel?! With his contagious positivity and can-do attitude, he makes for an exceptional technician while also keeping us laughing and our morale high. Fluent in veterinary medicine, Spanish and the inner workings of computers, his wide array of knowledge and abilities have had a substantial constructive impact on our hospital! Miguel is also well-versed in a wide variety of surgical and dental procedures, as well as phlebotomy, radiology, emergency medicine and more! In his free time Miguel enjoys building and programming computers and websites; as well as dominating the video-game world with his two purrfect kitties, Starlord and little Zelda.

Jordan: Technician

Our Jordan is truly an asset to our veterinary team! Always eager to learn more and help wherever she can, she is a shining example of our standards here at Santa Barbara. Having been born with an innate drive to help not only animals, but all of those in need, she makes for an exceptional member of society; and we are lucky to have her! Since she first joined our team several years ago, Jordan has climbed the ladder swiftly and is well-versed in nearly all our departments. Jordan’s future goals include continuing to help animals and others in need while contributing all she has to offer to the world. Jordan has a sweet lab mix named Chloe, who can also be spotted around the hospital from time to time!

Ashley M: Tech & CVA

Ashley M. has been a fantastic addition to our hospital! We were sure to quickly hire her on a permanent basis after she completed a very impressive internship with us while obtaining her certification as a veterinary assistant.  When asked “Why veterinary medicine?” Ashley is quick to respond with “I feel the best people to take care of animals are  animals themselves!  My passion is more of a life-style, and I love being the voice for the voice-less!” Her future plans include continuing her education, certifications, and general goals towards becoming a veterinarian. Ashley has a sweet Catahoula mix named "Cayo Costa," a kitty named "Mako," and a twin sister named Alexis- who has been very supportive and influential in her career choice.  Ultimately, Ashley would love to open a sanctuary and rehabilitation center for animals and can often be spotted volunteering around the community at places like the Shy Wolf Sanctuary.

Brenna : Receptionist

This is Brenna! Her exceptional multitasking and client service abilities have made her an all-star team member, and a crucial to our hospital! Having worked in the veterinary field since 2005, she is very knowledgeable and beyond helpful when it comes to organizing our days and handling the front line! Brenna’s accent quickly gives away that she hails from Massachusetts, though she is thrilled to live in what she considers the paradise that is Florida. Brenna’s kind, animal-loving heart has also led her to become a puppy-raiser for Southeastern Guide Dogs; where she raises seeing-eye dogs through their first year of life and provides them the training and structure they need before heading off to “college” for more intensive training; then ultimately their fur-ever family in need. Along with a guide-pup, Brenna share’s her home with her two hilarious birds, "Cricket" the African Grey and "Angel" the Umbrella Cockatoo.

Leidy: Junior Technician

This is our lovely Leidy! With her kind soul and compassionate nature, she was born with a gentle touch much valued by all our visitors. She cares for our hospitalized patients, as well as those on vacation; and her kindheartedness and attention has made for some very satisfied fur-friends that look forward to seeing her again! Leidy can’t imagine herself outside of working with animals and plans on finding the perfect niche in the field for her long-term career. After long days of hard work, Leidy comes home to her two happy dogs, Simba a yellow lab and Buddy a lab mix; as well as her funny little kitty Luna!






Alexis: CVA & Reception