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Our Facility

Veterinary Care

Where we care for your pets!

Our Facility

Physical Therapy

Our Rehabilitation Center!


So much more than just a physical, our comprehensive examinations are extensive and thorough regardless of whether the visit is related to an injury or  illness, or just a typical annual vaccination update. We extend the same courtesy and concern for your pets as we would our own!

In addition to our large treatment area, we separately house a sterile, high-tech, 2-tabled surgical suite!

This renders us easily  capable of  performing a wide array of extensive surgical and anesthetic procedures, including (but not limited to):

·Dental Cleaning & Extraction

·Spay, Neuter & Vasectomy

·Mass Removals of all Types

·Exploratory Surgery

·Cruciate Ligament Repair

·Femoral Hip Osteotomy

·Patellar Luxation Repair


·Biopsies & Diagnostics

·Foreign Body Removal

·Ear Hematoma Repair

·Sedated Ear/Nasal Flushes

·3rd Eyelid Tacking

·Ocular Enucleation

Surgical Procedures

Dental Procedures

With our high-tech digital radiography, ultrasound and laboratory equipment, we can provide precise, swift and effective diagnoses same day. In addition to our in-house capabilities, we are also privy to a vast network of outside laboratories rendering us able to arrange for the most accurate assessments and treatment.


Digital Radiography

Ultrasound Imaging

Having such a conscientious and loving staff means you can rest assured knowing  your pets will be well-cared for while you’re away! We house our feline visitors in specially-made condos away from the dogs; who have options between roomy runs and comfy kennels, as well as a large, green fenced-in yard to run off leash! We are happy to accept requests & accommodations to best help your pet to feel like they’re at-home.


For those needing a little extra, we also offer additional boarding services:

·Veterinary Services

·Comfort Massages

·Gym Sessions



·Ear Cleaning

·Nail Trims

·And More!!


Home away from home!


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