Physical Rehabilitation Therapy

Our Therapeutic Modalities Include:

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy accelerates the body’s natural healing process through a complex, non-invasive process involving light absorption in the cells. This absorption stimulates a cascade of events in order to provide tangible benefits to your pet. The light emitted from the class III cold laser aids in accelerated cellular regeneration and tissue repair, deep musculoskeletal pain relief, reduction of inflammation, and significantly improving capillary growth (allowing for more circulation), as well  as slowly regenerating nerve function in damaged tissues.


Through our cutting-edge Oasis underwater treadmill, we are able to provide active muscle strengthening while minimizing stress on the body through the buoyancy of the water. In addition to building and strengthening muscles, the warm water environment helps to increase overall flexibility, range of motion and circulation. By increasing paces, adjusting tread times & water levels, we are able to provide customized regimens for each individual patient. Our treadmill also operates in both forward and reverse motions, has incline availability as well as therapeutic jet resistance, giving us a great deal of flexibility to formulate the ultimate regimen!

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage has been proven over millennia to be a highly effective modality to increase circulation and lymphatic flow; and decrease edema and fibrosis by relieving contracture of the tendons and muscles. It also relieves stress, anxiety and pain by stimulating endorphin release while helping to maintain overall muscle tone. Proper stretching and mobilization of joints, tendons and ligaments improves joint motion after surgery, preventing joint contracture, soft tissue inflexibility and shortening as well as adhesions between soft tissue and bones; all while and enhancing joint lubrication.

Physical Exercises

Many musculoskeletal and neurological conditions can result in pain, decreased range of motion, atrophy and loss of coordination. We can work on land with a patient’s own weight using gravity and the help of veterinary-specific therapeutic equipment. Not unlike human physical therapy, these measures aid in stability while challenging core muscle groups and targeted regions. We carry wide array of this equipment, such as Physio balls, cavalettis, TheraBands and a variety of balancing equipment.

Land Treadmill

While the therapeutic elements the water presents for hydrotherapy may not entirely apply to the land treadmill, this is still an excellent source of exercise! Our land treadmill has a great deal of speed variability, and with remote operations we are able to comfortably remain at your pet’s side to guide them through a safe and effective workout! Just like human treadmills, ours is great for cardio and weight-loss regimens!


For those pets that could use help at home, though are unable to participate in a more rigorous rehab regimen, we offer rehabilitative consultations. During this session, your pet’s mobility is evaluated and you are provided a tailored home-regimen recommended by our practitioner in order to target the specific areas your pet may require help. These home exercises are gone over in detail during the consultation, and you are provided the tool-kit necessary to carry out home exercises in order to avoid the potential need for more intensive rehabilitative measures.

Our goal is to improve the quality, and quantity, of your pet’s life. By offering highly effective rehabilitation regimens (all specifically rendered with each patient’s distinct condition in mind), we can provide optimal rehabilitative protocols; which will ensure long-term success, and an improved daily life.