Our Team

Dr. Justin A. Kerr

Dr. Justin A. Kerr DVM is originally from Huntsville, AL. He grew up in Sarasota and received a Bachelor’s in Biology from the University of Central Florida. His veterinary coursework was performed at Ross University and clinical training at North Carolina State University. Prior to his veterinary training, he worked in the field of human physical therapy, rehabilitation, and sports medicine. Dr. Kerr’s specific areas of expertise include weight management, chronic orthopedic and painful conditions, surgery and anesthesia, and dentistry. His hobbies include weight lifting, martial arts, horticulture, and spending time with his four furry children: “Rampage” the Chinese Crested, “Worm” the Coconut Retriever, “Balou” and “Prada” his wonderful Pitbull terriers. He just purchased a home in the North Cape and looks forward to becoming part of this great community.